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Contextualized brivla

77 cards

Learn the most commonly used brivla, while also developing your comprehension skills.

About this deck

This deck covers the most commonly used brivla in Lojban conversations. Cards are listed roughly in descending order of usage, so we suggest studying them sequentially.

Many exercises feature the brivla in a real world (ish) contextualized sentence. For these exercises, we recommend making an effort to truly understand the sentence, even if you have already figured out the answer. This will help develop your comprehension skills.

Before using this deck, we recommend going through the first 12 (ideally 15) lessons of Getting started with Lojban. Otherwise the contextualized sentences may be difficult to understand, due to an incomplete understanding of the grammar. Until then, you should be able to practice vocabulary using Memrise, Quizlet and/or Anki.

Manage your cards

Tap on cards to alternate between "not started" (or "inactive"), "currently learning" and "already mastered". Stars represent how familiar you are with each card, based on past performance. Only cards tagged as "currently learning" will appear in exercises. Consequently, once you have mastered a card, you may optionally tag it as "already mastered" to ignore it.

For the optimal learning experience, we suggest having between 10 and 200 active cards at any given moment. Cards for exercises are selected algorithmically, in such a way that lesser-known cards are featured more frequently.


This deck is being prepared by Jonathan. Some translations were adapted from Tatoeba.

The deck icon was made by monkik from