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Getting started with Lojban (alpha)

27 lessons

About this course

This course covers beginner to intermediate concepts of Lojban, and is intended for newcomers as well as intermediate speakers looking to consolidate their knowledge. With plenty of interactive exercises, practice is made both easier and fun.

Heavily inspired by The Wave Lessons, this course teaches concepts in approximate order of importance for regular Lojban conversations. A few lessons in, and you'll be able to confidently express quite complex thoughts – at least compared to most natural languages.

There is somewhat more emphasis on grammar than vocabulary, and the reason is that the two are largely orthogonal for students of Lojban. Indeed, it can be frustrating to fail exercises on grammar just because you lack the corresponding vocabulary – perhaps because you decided to learn vocabulary from a different source. So we took the approach of teaching relatively few non-grammar words, and quite common ones at that. This results in more flexibility. You can take this course to learn the core concepts of the language, and meanwhile pick up vocabulary using Memrise, Quizlet, Anki, our own decks, or whichever other source you find the most productive.

After getting reasonably used to the language, perhaps after going through the first 15 or so lessons here, we suggest that you start practicing with the Contextualized Brivla deck as well. Besides picking up vocabulary, you will also gain exposure to common constructs and patterns used by Lojbanists. Producing Lojban sentences is an entirely different skill from (quickly) understanding Lojban sentences, and it is important to practice both.

Remark: One thing we currently lack is a guide on pronunciation. If this is the first you're hearing of Lojban, and you're not commited to learning the language yet, feel free to play around with the first few lessons to get a taste of what Lojban is all about. But if you have decided to learn it, we recommend mastering the pronunciation early on, to prevent bad habits from developing. Lojban pronunciation is quite regular, and should not take long to get used to. We recommend reading The Wave Lessons – Lesson 0: Sounds and playing with the interactive pronunciation guide in la sutysisku (at the very bottom of the page).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on #ckule. Also consider joining the roljbogu'e Discord server, which tends to be a more friendly place to newcomers. Finally, you should definitely check out additional resources from the Lojbanic community.

Have fun :)


A lot of this course was borrowed from The Wave Lessons, so credit goes to la klaku, la kribacr, la xalbo, Marenz, and various other Lojbanists who created it. Updates (including adjustments and new content) and interactive exercises were made by Jonathan, Physicist137, emorchy and other contributors.

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